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Laos Timeline
4/5th Century AD, from geographical. Lao people (called Tai ethnic) inhabited in Chinese clans from the north.
8th Century AD, strong Indian influence via Burma, Thailand & Cambodia. During this period Buddhism adopted in Laos.
11/12th Century AD, area of Laos became a part of the Khmer empire. During this period, the part of the Tai ethic group are forced by Mongols & Han to migrate southward. They displace the previously dominant Chinese.
1349-1357 Years, Fangoum accedes the throne, march on Vientiane & established the famed Kingdom of Lane Xang (land of a million elephants) & made Luang Prabang as his the capital, roughly occupies the area of present day Laos plus northeast Thailand 17 provinces of Isan people but influence spread into southern of China, and northern Cambodia.
Buddhism becomes the state religion.
1550-1572 King Sethathirat became one of the last great Kings of empire. Burmese eastern expansion will take the troops to overrun Lane Xang kingdom in Luang Prabang and took Siamese sympathizers on the throne. The Emerald Buddha was brought from Lane Na (Chieng Mai) by King Sethathirat and makes Vientiane as capital until present day.
1707 Kingdom split into two regions as Luang Prabang, Vientiane.
1713 Kingdom split into three regions as Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Champasak.
1778 Siamese rampage through Champasak spread up to Vientiane arrived in 1779, they blockaded & robbed values material, Emerald Buddha, King Anouvong with Buffoons & importan people were arrested & removing to Bangkok.
1804 Siam sent King Anouvong to govern Vientiane.
1826-1828 The fight for independence of King Anouvong was happened, king Anouvong dreams to re-establish the Lane Xang kingdom & tried unsuccessfully to sack Bangkok. America's first involvement in southeast Asia, and supplies the Siamese with weapons to overrun Laos once again. Siamese army robbed values material, secret Buddha as Pra Souk, Pra Seum, Pra Sai & Pra Xaekkham. Destroyed & burned Vientiane smooth performance. King Anouvong with Buffoons & people were arrested & removing to Bangkok.
King Anouvong was condemned to be rebel and he was tortured bounce until he pass away in 1829, and Lane Xang kingdom was the end with the life of King Anouvong.
1893- While Siam protected Lane Xang kingdom, French moved the troops into Laos and fights with Siamese army happened while England influence in Thailand, relationship between England and France was violently every day, they had negotiated finally they were agreed to share Lane Xang kingdom into two parts, left side will be protected by France and right side protected by Siamese. France ordered Siam removing soldiers out from the left side of Mekhong river and France takes this good opportunity to capture Laos on the left side Mekhong in 1893 until 1945 after that had signed to acknowledge independence about 3 nations of Indochina, when it is briefly occupied by Japanese towards the end of World war II.
1946 French rule over Laos is resumed by infringement treaty.
1950 Laos is granted semi-autonomy as an associated state within French Union.
1954 Laos gains full independence as a constitutional of monarchy. Civil war broke out between royalist and the communist group, the Pathet Lao.
1955 American came instead of French which they had constituted the government as representative of them.
1960 American increased by aerial bombardment to destroy the north Vietnam sanctuaries and ruptured the supply route (known as the Hochimin trail). It's estimated that more bombs were dropped in Laos than were used during the whole of World War II.
1973 Vientiane ceasefire agreement divided Laos between communist and royalist.
1975 The Pathet Lao renamed the “Lao People's Front seized power”. King Savang Vatthana was abdicated he is later arrested and dies in captivity. The Lao People's Democratic Republic is proclaimed by the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPDR) the only legal political party. Souphanouvong became president and Kaysone Phomvihane became prime minister.
1989 First elections held since 1975. All candidates have to be approved by the LPRP. Communist retains power.
1991 Security & cooperation pact signed with Thailand. A new constitution is endorsed Kaysone Phomvihane became a president, Khamtay Siphandon became prime minister.
1992 President Kaysone dead. Khamtay became head of Laos.
1994 Friendship bridge over the Mekong linking Laos and Thailand is opened.
1997 Laos becomes a member of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (Asian). The Asian financial crisis decimated the value of the Lao currency, the kip.
1998 Khamtay Siphandon became president.
2001 Khamtay re-elected president.
2006 Choumaly Sayasone succeeds Khamtay Siphandone as president. The vice president became leader of the ruling communists in march.
2008 Laos takes steps to become full member of the World Trade Organization.
2009 Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has opened a rail connection over the Mekong River, linking Thailand and Laos.
2011 Choumaly re-elected president.